Justice Urban Tavern

Culinary Philosophy

Mission Statement

At Justice Urban Tavern, we strive to provide only the freshest and highest quality dishes. When you dine with us, your meal will be served with California style and sensibility, featuring special seasonal menu items, allowing for the perfect downtown Los Angeles dining experience.

Justice Urban Tavern

A Restaurant with a Modern Theme

Justice is convivial and unpretentious, the décor recalls a delicate, crafted style with a modern twist. We look at classics in new and exciting ways. Take a glance at the local art resting on our walls or walk out onto the cool open air patio you can breathe deep and savor the sights and sounds of Los Angeles while sampling the enticing morsels our chefs have whipped up for you.

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Only the Freshest Ingredients

Local. Seasonal. Fresh. Sustainable. Many words can be used to describe the food at Justice, but it all boils down to one delectable. The beef was raised free from artificial hormones, the fish were caught out in the wild, and the chickens had a wide open range to roam around. We avoid canned and frozen items whenever possible and stick to local sources for our produce. You will taste the difference from other LA restaurants from your first bite onwards.

Justice Tavern Charcuterie Board

Pristine Plating

The food at Justice Urban Tavern doesn't just satify your taste buds it satisfies your eye as well. Taking inspiration from the art that adorns our walls, we make sure each meal is plated delicately to drive your appetite sky high. Ingredients were chosen for both taste and style, with colors that pop out from one another and tastes that blend together in an explosion of flavor.

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Dynamic Flavors

Your meal was carefully planned by a team of expert chefs, aiming to make the most out of the bold flavors available. The average person has around 10,000 taste buds and we hope to make each one of yours sing out in joy with every single bite. We strive for balance with our dishes, and with each ingredient serving a special purpose to create an ensemble of tastes in the perfect meal.

Justice Tavern Breakfast Skillet

Carefully Crafted Menus

Peruse a simple and easy to read menu to find the perfect dish you've been craving. You'll know exactly what you'll be getting with a straightforward menu that shows the true value of your selections. With options ranging from chilled oysters, to house made burgers, to savory pork ribs, you will be able to easily find and select what you've been craving, and discover the perfect pairing to go with it.

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New Specials Every Day

A special isn't truly special if it's always the same. Always new and ever changing our food and drink specials are always worth talking about. Check out our chalkboard or ask one of our bartenders for the rundown on our latest offers!

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"Our team is unique...many of our team members have been employed here for over 10 years and pride themselves on providing the best service possible."


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